Among the most sought after types of marble

Undisputed Made in Italy King of elegance, with export levels of as much as 1.5 million tons per year, Veined Daino Reale is undoubtedly the poster child for this precious natural product.

Characterized by alternating layers of limestone and dolomitic marble, it is embellished with darker veins of calcite and slices of onyx. Colours vary from hazelnut and green to red, making it particularly elegant and versatile.

Sawn against the grain, this type of marble perfectly displays the sedimentary character of the material. In addition, it is ideal for the creation of wall coverings and floors designed to give the room a sense of linearity, increasing the perception of space and enhancing the surrounding design elements.

Wherever you want to emphasize geometry and the perfection of angular and orderly shapes, austere and elegant, sober or bizarre… Whatever the optical effect you wish to create, Veined Daino Reale will be the most opportune and pragmatic choice you can make.

Blocks and slabs of Veined Daino Reale, along with Clouded Daino Reale, constitute the primary products of Orosei’s marble deposits. This explains the enormous internationalization of demand, and the market that has been created around this type of product.


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Sale of marble from Orosei, Daino Reale

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