One of the most exclusive varieties of marble

Uniform in its various shades of beige, mottled with small white talc dots whose unpredictability and brightness constitutes their charm,  Snowflake  Daino Reale is sought after and recommended for fine design furnishings, where elegance, homogeneity and refinement are essential.

Whether you want to recreate the small tiles of old-fashioned flooring, or follow new laying trends with large slabs, Snowflake always brightens the environment, taking on an iridescent chromatic character depending on whether the light source is natural or artificial. Suitable for those who want a precious natural stone cladding, without compromising on colour uniformity in the rooms.

Whether you polish it to a mirror to reflect your emotions or give it a rough finish to give rise to new perceptions of white, Snowflake lends itself to all surface processing. It covers the whole range of colours from white, through beige, to hazelnut.

The blocks of Snowflake / Light Daino Reale, and consequently its slabs, are rare and difficult to extract; they are found between one sedimentary layer and another. These layers are often narrower than two metres, making it difficult to produce large blocks which would provide greater versatility in subsequent production steps. This is one of the reasons that right from the start of its production, this material is more exclusive than other stone products.


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