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Whether you want to recreate the warm atmosphere of a rustic setting in an old farmhouse or find a complement for the technology of a new penthouse on the metropolitan skyline, Orosei marble is the marble for you.This marble has been known by many names over time, including Breccia Sarda, Biancone, Perlato Olimpo, Tigrato d’Oriente, Daino Imperiale and Daino Reale.

Today it is known in the Italian market as “Orosei marble“, while it is more commonly known asDaino Reale on the international market.

From a geological point of view, the rock is part of the family of sedimentary rocks and is classified as biopelsparite Folk, the result of a carbonic formation that dates back to the Jurassic-Cretaceous period. Shells, fossils, algae and minerals crystallized in the stone, offering an incredible mosaic of minute fossils, sedimentary concretions and quartz crystals.

Orosei marble is the main choice of the most illustrious architects in the world, who have contributed to making the “Costa Smeralda” style a bulwark of exclusivity and inspiration globally. It is a contender for the title of most exclusive and sought-after Italian marble in the world, along with the Carrara marble. With the latter it shares its elegance and refinement, typical of all the great Made in Italy brands, which are the envy of the entire global manufacturing industry.

Kitchen work surfaces, bathroom counters, wall coverings, floors and decorative wall-mounted elements are just some of its countless possibilities, bringing a robustness and longevity that extends beyond geological eras and challenges our understanding of the concept of eternity.

Orosei marble

Light snowflake

Orosei marble

Veined Diagonal


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