Sardinia Stone srl

Daino Reale in blocks, slabs and finished products

Founded in 2004, Sardinia Stone has capitalized on the solid experience of the entrepreneurs who founded it, quickly becoming a leader in Sardinia in the marble processing and marketing sector.

In particular, we produce and supply various types of Daino Reale marble . We sell to a wide range of customers (retailers, wholesalers, architects, designers, private and public sector), offering blocks, slabs, products for floors and walls, and strips. The Sardinia Stone factory is located in the province of Nuoro, in the heart of the Orosei marble basin.

In addition to the domestic market, we also work a lot for the Asian and European markets. We are continuously renewing our commitment to stay competitive with regard to both quality and flexibility of production. Specifically, we are always carrying out new investment programs in skills, technologies and new machinery. Only in this way can we be certain of offering products and solutions that meet the demands of customers who rely on our professionalism.


Sardinia Stone | Daino Reale

Sale of blocks, slabs and finished products

Sale of marble from Orosei, Daino Reale

Marketing of blocks, slabs, finished products.

SS.125 Km.219,4 - 08028 Orosei (NU)
Tel: 0784 998 268